Gan is the world in which the campaign Legends takes place.

The world, roughly 750×750 miles in length and height, is divided into eight continents by a series of rivers that flow from the White Sea, a huge, perfectly circular ocean at the center of the world, and converge in the Dead Ocean at the ends of the world. At the center of the White Sea is the Wall of Storms, a gigantic, miles-thick circle of never-ending storms that thwart any attempts to move beyond it, even by magic. None know what rests at the center of the world beyond the Wall of Storms.

The continents of Gilead, as known to the group of protagonists, are as follows:

The forces that keep the world of Gan turning are known as the Essences of Virtue and the Essences of Vice. Rumor has it that he who possesses all of the Essences of one type or another will be able to penetrate the Wall of Storms.


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