KayRule V. Cooley

The Lovesick Bard, having been wrapped in the adventure in the pursue of a woman, he constantly comforts and gives affection to any women they may meet.


KayRule the Love Fool was raised by his parents in the town of Vejas, a small town known throughout the neighboring lands for it’s whores, games of chance, and entertainment. Nathaniel DeGray, KayRule’s father, was a bard and adventurer who courted KayLum Cooley, a swindling rouge, during the course of their travels. When they settled down in Vejas, Nate would perform, and KayLum would steal from the spectators while they watched. Eventually Nate worked his way up to owning the best Whorehouse in the town, and KayLum opened a thief’s guild in the back of the tavern. KayRule grew up under the guide of his father and the love of his mother. Burning out on his sexual urges at a young age allowed for the whores in the house to guide him into becoming a gentleman, as sisterlike figures. It was by chance he met Felosial Amastacia, during a routine arrest. Since a brief conversation, he longed to speak with her more. However a feud between her family and his prevented this. He longed to leave the town, and find love and adventurer like his parents. When Felosial left to pursue the career of a Monk, KayRule left town saying goodbye only to his personal favorite sister, Persephone. During his trek to pursue Felosial, she managed to lose him, and KayRule came across a traveling circus were he met a powerful wizard, Phil the Magnificent. The two became friends, despite having vastly different fews.

KayRule is a traveling musician and gentlemen, he is searching for adventure and true love. Despite being True Nuetral he does have a sort of sense of warped justice from his father. He also knows his way around a woman, due to being raised in a house that doubled as a whore house.

KayRule V. Cooley

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