Dominic Falco

Dominic Falco, the cleric of Pelor, is the moral voice of the party and does good whenever and wherever he deems it possible.


Dominic Falco was born and raised in Runefax, a notoriously lawful and strict town that houses the Gilead chapter Church of Pelor. He was not poor or suffering by any stretch of imagination, and wisely decided to take the beaten path and become a cleric of Pelor. He was taught by Bishop Ericson, the archpriest of the Church, and was ingrained with a sense of piousness. However, he is quite stubborn, and his precise moral compass often gets him into arguments with the rest of the party. Some might view him as a fanatic and a zealot, but Falco knows that his fanaticism is what may eventually lead him to serving Pelor in ever-greater ways.

Falco, after hearing a prophecy of Pelor from a misfired divination, constructed a demonic puppet with the aid of Alzam and named it Alzina in an attempt to convert it to Pelor’s teachings.

Dominic Falco

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