Relan the Unyielding

The last of the Duskblades seeks to restore the glory of his devasted homeland and bring honor to the memory of his order.


Before the Humans, there were the Elves. Before the Elves, there was Serikesh. Relan the Unyielding is a member of the Order of the Duskblades, a legendary and mythical organization of warriors that served the ancient kingdom of Serikesh. Their power was unmatched in all the world, and their steady hand and wisdom helped Serikesh prosper for countless centuries. However, all that changed in a fateful event that left the Duskblades scattered and Serikesh ruined. Relan, overcome with regret and shame, retreated to safety and became the last of the Duskblades.

Now, 400 years later, Relan, with his power waning more and more, seeks to restore his glorious homeland, reform the Duskblades, and bring vengeance to those who wronged him, all while dealing with the doubt that caused him to fail his duty.

Relan the Unyielding

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