Alzam Dre'ud'ron, the warlock with a nefarious past, ventures to discover the truth about himself and to wreak revenge upon the drow.


Alzam was born in captivity in the Underdark as the child of his enslaved parents in the service of House Ud’ron. It was clear from the beginning that he was receiving special treatment, for he was only beaten weekly and his tongue was not ripped out. After nineteen grueling years of slavery, his purpose was, without warning, fulfilled: he was suddenly taken away to the dreaded drow laboratories and suffered horrifying experiments upon his body and soul. His mind was shattered, and he became comatose. Deeming him worthless, the drow took him up to the surface to trade with a nomadic band of druegar. While setting up camp for the night, Alzam awoke from his week-long slumber and escaped with the aid of newfound demonic powers.

Alzam’s nemesis is the High Priestess of Lolth, priest-queen of all drow, and he has sworn to have his revenge upon her for his believed demonization.


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